• C-clamp Locking Plier

  • Welding lock Plier

  • Claw Hammer

  • 7116 Pocket Knife

  • Steel File-round

  • Steel File-triangular

  • 195971 Steel File-half Round

  • 195967 Steel File-half Round

  • 195979 Steel File-square

  • H1024 Foldable Saw


FINDER is an enterprise of manufacture and trading, who sells all kinds of hand tools to Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa etc. Our brand “FINDER” was registered in more than 100 countries, and enjoys high reputation in many countries. It is the high brand from China.
For the extension of foreign trade, also to improve our competition, we established import and export company in 2013. It carry out trading business, clearing customs, and to cut the storage cost for customers. So that customers really can enjoy the "procurement - shipment" one-stop services.
We based on faith, with excellent quality and good service, FINDER  let the world know YIWU.


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